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Our Team


Jasmine Ramtoolah

Founder & Managing Director

With a background in Psychology and 11 years of hands on Pharmaceutical recruitment experience, including in Medical Affairs and Sales & Marketing, Jasmine founded Verbatim Pharma in October 2017 with the hope of shifting the mentality in recruitment from a sales environment, to a focus on service delivery.

A writer at heart, Jasmine enjoys reading or listening to books with interesting characters, particularly biographies, and lists her favourite recent reads as Bad Blood, Shantaram and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Her favourite pastime is to engage in deep and meaningful discussions with friends over a nice bottle of red wine.

Jasmine grew up in Africa, the US and the UK and was raised by Mauritian parents. This diverse upbringing allowed her to develop an understanding of individual differences, perspectives and cultures from an early age, in combination with the ability to engage on a deeper level with people from all walks of life.


Matthew Mackenzie

Joint Managing Director & Co-Owner

Matt has 17 years recruitment experience spanning across freelance and permanent. He spent the first 9 years of his career recruiting into the healthcare sector, focusing on Operational roles. For the past 8 years, Matt has been specialising in helping Pharmaceutical companies with challenging staffing issues centred around Operations, Project Management, Procurement and Logistics.

A die hard Arsenal fan and season ticket holder (please don’t judge him on this), Matt can be found at The Emirates Stadium weekly during the football season.

With a reputation for being the fun one, Matt’s personality is very light-hearted and positive. He is truly invested in the well-being of the people around him. Don’t be fooled by his laid back nature though; Matt has a degree in Business Management and is very knowledgeable in Finance. He acts as VP’s Finance Director alongside his day job.

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Hinna Mohammed

Associate Director of Search

Hinna brings 8 years of experience in pharmaceutical recruitment, with a unique blend of external (agency) and internal recruitment roles at a globally leading Pharma company. Her expertise spans Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, and Quality Assurance within the Pharma industry. This diverse background, covering the entire drug development and commercialization process, along with her client-side recruitment experience, adds immense value to her work.

With a background in Psychology, Hinna possesses a deep understanding of her clients and candidates, further enhancing her ability to connect talent with opportunities.

Beyond her professional life, Hinna is a talented cook, renowned for hosting large family gatherings at her home. Her passion for cooking ensures her guests always leave satisfied, having enjoyed a sumptuous feast.

She has a weakness for coffee and cake, often seeking inspiration from London's trendy coffee shops on weekends, where she indulges in her favorite treats.

Haajra headshot.jpg

Haajra Shahid-Ahmed 

Head of Medical Devices

Haajra brings with her 6 years of experience in recruiting for the Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs) industries, with a specialized focus on Regulatory and Quality functions.


Her expertise marks a pivotal moment as we expand our recruitment services to include a dedicated division for Medical Devices and IVDs. With Haajra at the helm, along with her dedicated team, we are poised to offer unparalleled support and guidance to clients in this dynamic space.

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Katherine Powell

Client Services Manager

Katherine's journey at Verbatim began with a focus on business development placements for clinical trial service providers and has since evolved and she became the company's first Client Service Manager. One thing about Katherine is her joy has always been rooted in connecting with others and hearing their stories.


Her prior experience as a hiring manager has given her insight into the recruitment process. She draws on these experiences to ensure that she always serves our clients and candidates effectively.

Known for her meticulous and detail-oriented approach, Katherine upholds high standards in her work. When you interact with her, you'll quickly notice her composed demeanor and adept communication skills, qualities that serve her well at Verbatim Pharma.

Outside of her professional life, Katherine is a devoted cat lover, with two feline companions, Belle and George. She enjoys unwinding with a crisp glass of rosé wine or a creative cocktail when spending time with friends and has been working her way through London’s quirky restaurants to satisfy her foodie impulses


Chloe Taylor

Senior Recruitment Partner

Before becoming a part of Verbatim Pharma, Chloe's background was in Marketing and Administration, making her new to the recruitment world. However, her journey to this point was marked by several months of travel, spanning from Borneo to New Zealand. During this time, she discovered her passion for helping and engaging with people, which ultimately led her to join Verbatim.

Chloe's career trajectory at Verbatim has been remarkable, showcasing her growth by transitioning from individual contributions to leading her own team.

One fascinating aspect of Chloe's life, which is particularly relevant in the Pharma industry, is her participation in a longitudinal study since birth. She's been a part of one of the world's largest twin cohorts, contributing to research on how genetic and environmental factors influence individual differences in cognitive abilities, behavior, and emotions.

Chloe is known for her positive and enthusiastic personality, which has brought a breath of fresh air to our office. If you ever join one of our VP Thursday HIIT sessions at the gym, you'll witness her unmatched energy and determination first hand!

Roya picture.jpeg

Roya Robeson

Senior Recruitment Partner

Roya brought six years of recruitment experience to Verbatim Pharma, having worked on the agency side in various roles. Throughout her career, her passion has revolved around delivering exceptional service to clients and candidates, successfully placing individuals in roles spanning Logistics, Supply Chain, Marketing, Engineering, and more.

Outside of her professional life, Roya is a dedicated enthusiast of movies and media, particularly cherishing old-school cult classics. On weekends, you'll often find her socializing with friends over drinks, cozying up on the sofa for the latest TV series, or keeping up with the excitement of F1 races.

A self-proclaimed foodie, Roya takes pleasure in both cooking and savouring delicious meals. She's known as the go-to person for restaurant recommendations and is constantly on the lookout for culinary delights, whether in her local area or during her travels abroad.

Fionnuala pic.jpg

Fionnuala Boylan

Recruitment Partner

Fionnuala (pronounced - Fin-noolah) has returned to the world of recruitment after spending some time working in Sales & Marketing. Embodying the ethos of Verbatim in its literal sense, Fionnuala is queen of a good word. In other words, (excuse the pun) she is expanding the teams’ vocabulary one word at a time!

Overflowing with character, charm, and personality, Fionnuala naturally brightens any room she enters. Her engaging conversational skills ensure lively interactions wherever she goes.

Beyond her modesty, Fionnuala leads a captivating life. She shares her passion for classical singing, possessing a voice that could be straight out of a storybook. Her interests extend to food, theatre, movies, and music, making her a vibrant presence in any setting.

Mona pic.jpg

Mona Kurkaa

Recruitment Partner

Mona is originally from Finland and spent a year in Australia and traveling across Asia prior to moving to the UK 10 years ago. Prior to joining Verbatim Pharma, she was new to the world of recruitment and came from a sales and customer service background. In her most recent role, she was involved in training and developing the sales team, which made her realize that engaging with people from different backgrounds was something she was really interested in.

Funny fact, prior to her last job, she was actively trying to get into recruitment and interviewed for a company based in Berkhamsted. Now 7 years later, she is starting her new career in recruitment and lives in Berkhamsted full time, talk about coming full circle!


Mona loves trying new foods, experiencing different cultures and travelling in her free time. On her bucket list is visiting every country in the world before her 70th birthday and she has already visited nearly 30 different countries so far!

JC edited.jpeg

Jordan Cannon

Recruitment Partner

Jordan has a versatile professional background in Graphic design. After earning a degree in Interactive Design, he then became a freelance Graphic Designer. His expertise expanded further through a year's experience in Tech recruitment, where he successfully placed roles across the UK, Europe, and the US.

Jordan travelled across South East Asia for 6 months all while teaching English remotely. His travels included stops in Bali, Singapore, Gili T, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. 

Outside of work, Jordan found a hobby for creating illustrations designs for artwork that he picked up from his education and design experience. He is also a devoted lifelong supporter of West Ham United!

Jordan is characterized by his light-hearted nature, empathy, and emotional intelligence. These qualities, coupled with his drive, define his approach to both professional work and personal interactions.

Scott edited pic.jpg

Scott Simpson 

Recruitment Partner

Scott has a diverse background and a passion for family and adventure. With 15 years of experience in the motor industry, Scott climbed the ranks to become a General Sales Manager before embarking on a new journey in tech recruitment, where he spent 16 months honing his skills before joining the Verbatim Pharma family.


However, Scott's greatest joy comes from being a dad to his daughter, Ruby. Scott fully immerses himself in weekend adventures with his fiancé, daughter, and beloved family dog, Rosie. When he's not hard at work, you'll find Scott exploring farms and soft plays with Ruby or enjoying long walks with his family.

Isabel pic.JPG

Isabel Harris

Marketing Manager

Isabel is a marketer with a focus on People, Health and Connectivity.

Prior to Verbatim Pharma, Isabel worked as a marketing assistant for a chemistry / technology company which allowed her to develop her ability to connect people with the health care industry. She has also supported mental health organisations with their marketing needs, opening the door for patients to connect thoughtfully with support networks.

Community, in all its forms, is important to Isabel, and she supports her local football club at the weekends by running a community café to bring sports and young people together.

In her spare time, Isabel enjoys skiing. She is also a keen singer, having trained at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, and has performed at such venues as Chill fest (Tring), the 606 club (Chelsea, London) and Drapers' Hall (Coventry, London).

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Fun Office Pup, Ensuring Company Culture 

Scarlette is our company pup and mascot.


She has been there since the very beginning, when Verbatim Pharma was a one woman business!


Scarlette is responsible for employee well-being, fun and exercise (long walks). She loves her food, is very much a people’s person and relishes in attention.

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