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Our Team


Jasmine Ramtoolah

Founder & Managing Director

With a background in Psychology and 10 years of hands on Pharmaceutical recruitment experience, including in Medical Affairs and Sales & Marketing, Jasmine founded Verbatim Pharma in October 2017 with the hope of shifting the mentality in recruitment from a sales environment, to a focus on service delivery.

A writer at heart, Jasmine enjoys reading or listening to books with interesting characters, particularly biographies, and lists her favourite recent reads as Bad Blood, Shantaram and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Her favourite pastime is to engage in deep and meaningful discussions with friends over a nice bottle of red wine.

Jasmine grew up in Africa, the US and the UK and was raised by Mauritian parents. This diverse upbringing allowed her to develop an understanding of individual differences, perspectives and cultures from an early age, in combination with the ability to engage on a deeper level with people from all walks of life.


Matthew Mackenzie

Joint Managing Director & Co-Owner

Matt has 15 years recruitment experience spanning across freelance and permanent. He spent the first 9 years of his career recruiting into the healthcare sector, focusing on Operational roles. For the past 6 years, Matt has been specialising in helping Pharmaceutical companies with challenging staffing issues centred around Operations, Project Management, Procurement and Logistics.

A die hard Arsenal fan and season ticket holder (please don’t judge him on this), Matt can be found at The Emirates Stadium weekly during the football season.

With a reputation for being the fun one, Matt’s personality is very light-hearted and positive. He is truly invested in the well-being of the people around him. Don’t be fooled by his laid back nature though; Matt has a degree in Business Management and is very knowledgeable in Finance. He acts as VP’s Finance Director alongside his day job.


Hinna Mohammed

Associate Director of Search

Hinna has 7 years’ Pharmaceutical recruitment experience and has worked in both external (agency) recruitment as well as internal recruitment at a globally leading Pharma company.

Her recruitment experience in Pharma includes Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs and Quality Assurance. This diverse background across the drug development and commercialisation process, coupled with the experience of managing recruitment from the lens of the client, has definitely proved to be a benefit.

Hinna also has a background in Psychology, which supports her ability to understand her clients and candidates.

Another key benefit of having Hinna in the team is that she loves to bake! We have already tried the chocolate banana bread (amazing!) and are looking forward to many more of her specialities. Coffee and cake are her weaknesses so you’ll often find her on the weekend getting inspiration from fancy coffee shops in London and “over indulging”, as she likes to say.  


Chloe Taylor

Senior Recruitment Partner

Prior to joining Verbatim Pharma, Chloe was new to the world of recruitment and came from a Marketing and Administrative background. Chloe spent several months travelling the world, from Borneo to New Zealand, while pondering on what she really wanted to do long term. During her travels, she realised she was sure about one thing: she enjoyed helping and engaging with people. This is what led her to joining Verbatim. 

An interesting and unique fact about Chloe that so happens to be particularly relevant to the Pharma industry, is that she has been part of a longitudinal study since birth: one of the world’s largest twin cohorts, investigating how genetic and environmental factors shape individual differences in cognitive and learning abilities, behaviour and emotions.

Chloe is a positive, enthusiastic and determined individual who has brought good energy to our office. If you ever find yourself joining one of our VP Thursday HIIT sessions at the gym, you will witness her energy and determination on another level!


Katherine Powell

Search Lead

Katherine comes from an Administrative and Customer Service background, so Verbatim Pharma is her first step into the world of Recruitment. One thing that has been constant in all of her roles to date is the enjoyment that she has found in engaging with people and hearing their stories.


Having been a hiring manager in a previous role, she has seen how recruitment can work, and is using her past experiences to ensure that she is always doing the right thing by our clients and candidates. So far, Katherine has built some great relationships with clients as well as candidates, and long may this continue!


 Fun Fact: Katherine is a lady with many hidden talents. You will be amazed with just how many things she has tried! Outside of work, you’ll probably find Katherine catching up with friends over dinner and a few cocktails or indulging in some retail therapy!


Jaina Shah

Marketing Manager & Recruitment Partner

Jaina’s experience in social media marketing and sales has led her to finding a role at Verbatim Pharma. After handling many clients and helping them grow into successful businesses online, she has learnt just how to grow Verbatim Pharma online. From graphic design to web design, Jaina handles the creativity at Verbatim Pharma.  


In her spare time you will find her painting, cooking or listening to music. No really… it’s true, she has over 200,000 songs on her playlist, and even has an entire album named after her on Spotify.


Fun Fact: She started a fashion and creative magazine that was placed into London’s most famous fashion newsagents in Wardour St, London, which was sponsored by Vita Coco, Graze and Creative Nature! Her painting has been displayed at RA gallery in Green Park.  


Favourite Quote : Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. – Marianne Williamson


Ben Lewington

Recruitment Partner

Ben started his role at Verbatim Pharma following a career as an Estate Agent and studies in Business, Psychology and Economics. He made the move to recruitment after narrowing down his passions to providing a positive customer experience, getting to know people and a desire to hold himself to high standards. 

Prior to joining Verbatim Pharma, Ben also spent half a year travelling around South-East Asia, soaking in the diverse cultures and falling in love with the food! Ben adds a lighthearted and inquisitive dynamic to the team, bringing energy, enthusiasm, quick wit and endless amounts of humour! 

Watch out Manchester United fans, this lad supports Liverpool! 


Henna Begum

Recruitment Partner

Henna is stepping into the world of Recruitment after 7 years in the clouds! As an Elite Cabin Crew member, Henna provided her flyers with 5* customer service, welcoming premier football teams as well as a few celebrities!

Fine tuning her customer service experience in her previous role, Henna is an effective communicator and can easily empathise with  candidates from all over the world and from different walks of life. 


Henna’s kindness shines through the office. She is an extremely considerate and thoughtful colleague, who will always offer you a coffee or a snack before she grabs one for herself. 

Having worked on airplanes for a number of years, as you can imagine Henna enjoys travelling and will often visit the local supermarkets, where she can discover local delicacies and buy food to feed stray animals.  

Headshot 2.jpeg

Conor Masterson

Recruitment Partner

Having previously worked for Hertfordshire Police answering 999 calls, Conor knows a thing or two about working under pressure. This made his transition into recruitment a seamless one. He started developing his career recruiting into the Private Banking industry before joining Verbatim Pharma. 

Outside of work, Conor enjoys DJ’ing, following in the footsteps of his father. This is not just a side hobby - Conor has DJ'ed all over the world and at festivals. He also enjoys a good game of golf.


Conor brings a friendly spirit to the office and puts you at ease during a conversation. A lover of all things sweet, we often hear Conor rummaging in the snacks cupboard to satisfy his sweet tooth!


Perks of working with Conor: he has strong connections in the Jam industry (yes, the stuff you put on toast – jelly to our American readers!) so we have an unlimited supply of jam in the office!


Fionnuala Boylan

Recruitment Partner

Fionnuala (pronounced - Fin-noolah) has returned to the world of recruitment after spending some time working in Sales & Marketing. Embodying the ethos of Verbatim in its literal sense, Fionnuala is queen of a good word. In other words, (excuse the pun) she is expanding the teams’ vocabulary one word at a time!

Full of character, personality and charm, she is unsurpringly quite the conversationalist and the room is never quite when she is around!


Although Fionnuala likes to claim she isn’t very interesting, she teaches classical singing and her voice is something out of a story book! She loves all things food, theatre, movies and music! 

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 17.49.32.png


Fun Office Pup, Ensuring Company Culture 

Scarlette is our company pup and mascot!


She has been there since the very beginning, when Verbatim Pharma was a one woman business!


Scarlette is responsible for employee well-being, fun and exercise (long walks)! She loves her food, is very much a people’s person and relishes in attention.

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