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At Verbatim Pharma, we specialize in tailoring our recruitment / staffing services to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and clinical trials sector. Our permanent recruitment offerings are designed to bring top-tier talent into your organization, ensuring a robust workforce that drives your business forward. Here’s how we support your plans across five key areas:


Executive Search

When it comes to leadership roles, the right senior executives can transform your company. Our Executive Search is a specialized service dedicated to identifying and attracting high-caliber leaders. Through an in-depth evaluation process, we ensure that the candidates not only have the required experience and skills but also align with your company’s culture and values.


Market Mapping/Insights

Our Market Mapping and Insights offering delivers a strategic overview of the talent landscape, highlighting key aspects such as availability and compensation benchmarks within the pharmaceutical, pharma services, and clinical trials sectors. This comprehensive analysis is integral to shaping our search strategy, ensuring that your recruitment decisions are not just intuitive, but firmly rooted in data-driven insights.


Partnership Program

Our Contingent Perm services provide the traditional and effective recruitment solutions you expect from an industry leader. We identify and attract qualified candidates, delivering a flexible and risk-averse approach to permanent staffing. With a focus on fit and quality, our extensive talent pool is ready to meet the immediate and future needs of your organization.


RPO Lite

RPO Lite is our streamlined solution that brings the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing to companies looking for a more agile approach. This service offers a dedicated portion of the full RPO suite, ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their recruitment function without the commitment of a full-scale RPO. It combines flexibility with efficiency, delivering expert recruitment support that scales with your needs.


Strategic Team Building

Our expertise extends to Strategic Team Building – a service tailored for organizations intent on enhancing their market standing. We focus on the strategic composition of business development teams and the refinement of senior leadership, facilitating a foundation for lasting growth and exemplifying our dedication to forming teams that contribute to a robust future for your business.


The roles featured on our website reflect those we frequently fill and are not exhaustive of our recruitment capabilities.

Verbatim Pharma prides itself on a wide-reaching recruitment network across the pharmaceutical sector. For inquiries into all available positions or to discuss bespoke recruitment needs, please contact us.

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