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In our podcast, we dive deep into the challenges of the recruitment and pharma industry. We will be confronting topics head-on including the pervasive reputation of recruiters being salespeople.

Our podcast will be your go-to for industry insights, expert interviews, and insider tips. Subscribe to The Pharma Recruiter and be part of the conversation!

Episode 1:
Non-competes: Navigating them, how to push back and do they really matter?

In this episode, we explore the history of non-competes, from our own experiences to how they've evolved today. Our hosts, Katherine and Jas, share their personal encounters with non-competes, shedding light on common scenarios and where they're most prevalent.


We discuss the impact of COVID-19 on non-competes and compare their usage across regions—UK, Europe, and the US.


Additionally, we delve into the importance of candidate integrity and provide valuable insights on navigating non-compete agreements for both clients and candidates. Tune in for top tips on handling non-competes. 

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