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service led, not sales driven

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100+ 5 star reviews

"Being new to the job market after 20 years at the same employer, I was amazed at how effortless the entire recruitment process was, including the processes of interviewing, receiving a job offer and accepting the role. I never doubted that Verbatim Pharma had my best interests throughout each step.


They acted in transparency, fairness and treated my naïve questions with respect. They educated me throughout the entire process and were always available for my numerous questions and follow ups. I can honestly say I do not think I could have negotiated the package I received without their networking. My recruiter, listened to me and only engaged with me when he knew the right opportunity existed. He is a true professional and I thank him for my new career."

"We had an excellent experience working with Verbatim Pharma, hiring for a leadership role. Throughout the process Verbatim were extremely helpful, communicative and provided great candidates!"

"I have corresponded with a few recruitment consultants over my career but Verbatim Pharma took the time to understand my needs, find out about my background to fit me into the right role. They explored more than one type of role /position to check which fitted my needs and goals best."

"Very professional, personal care and assistance throughout. Excellent knowledge of their business partners and very good prep tips for interview which, allowed me to secure the role. Would definitely recommend to colleagues and friends in search of their next challenge."

"This company have the best recruiters you could ever work with. Very professional, dedicated to find the job that fits you. They've helped me every step of the way until I was hired."

"Very polite, professional and helpful. I was kept in the loop throughout the whole process of my application, they were a great support. Following the interview process I successfully secured the role."

"Verbatim Pharma cares about the people they are recruiting and that is something I have never seen before! I have had a great experience with this company."

I had a super experience with Verbatim Pharma. They are super friendly, the communication, feedback and clarity is perfect. They helped me with a great job and gave me every confidence. In short, I personally highly recommend Verbatim Pharma!

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We are honoured to be a supporter and partner to DENS, a brilliant and genuine charity that looks after people who are experiencing some of life’s biggest challenges.

DENS aims to be the first port of call for people in Dacorum facing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion. They ensure people have access to temporary and short-term accommodations, emergency food, and many other vital provisions as well as providing comprehensive solutions to move towards independent living.

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